Client Testimonials + Reviews

One of the smartest things we've done to grow our business was to start working with Noah and Bike Shop SEO in late 2017. Noah's attention to detail and his knowledge of digital marketing and web design is simply top notch.

By working with Noah we have seen great growth in our reach online and a much greater return on our online marketing investments. I cannot wait to see what this coming season brings as a result of our collaboration with Noah and Bike Shop SEO.

Thanks Noah!

Matt Donavan, Owner of Dedham Bike, Dedham, MA

I can't say enough how much Noah and his team have done to improve my business. He genuinely cares about my success and continued improvement. He understands the ins and outs of online marketing, and he takes the time to explain things so that they're easily understood. I'm very happy with the results so far...that refers to our overall website - its look, flow, and feel; our online sales; our Adwords campaigns; our rentals, and so on.

He's accomplished everything quickly and always within the time frame he's given me before starting any project. I'm increasing the amount of business I do with him in the coming year because I'm seeing a great return on my investment. Keep up the good work!

Matt Howard, Owner of The Bike Shoppe, Ogden, UT

Our shop has been working with Bike Shop SEO for a few years now and the results are amazing. Since working with Noah and his team we have had tons of get feedback on the look and function of our website. The insight Noah offers is incredibly valuable to our business in Website, Social, Mobile, Ecommerce and even in store.

I really look forward to every time I talk with Noah to discuss our business and where we can take it. Would highly recommend Bike Shop SEO.

Chris Cousineau, General Manager of Sweet Pete's, Toronto, Ontario