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The Opportunity

The scary truth about e-commerce websites is that on average, 75% of the time users abandon their shopping carts on your website and leave your site without purchasing. Ouch!

The BikeBasket Solution

BikeBasket attacks this problem head on to recover revenue from some of your warmest e-commerce leads. This tool is the first tool of it's kind that is optimized for all major bike shop ecommerce platforms.

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Here's How BikeBasket Works

Step 1

BikeBasket tracks shopping + browsing activity for users who've entered their email address anywhere on your site.

Step 2

If the user leaves your site without purchasing, BikeBasket sends them 3 emails in a targeted sequence.

Step 3

User reads email + returns to their cart on your site to shop + make a purchase.

Step 4

User buys the items and you celebrate.

BikeBasket Pricing

per month
with 1 month Free Trial

Benefits Include:

  • Turnkey Revenue Growth
  • Increased Conversion rates
  • Phone Customer Support available M-F 9-5MST.

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BikeBasket in Greater detail

How does BikeBasket track individual users to contact them?

If you've gathered that user's email address on any form on your website, including chat windows, email newsletter signups or checkout forms, BikeBasket adds the users into the configurable email automation.

What happens after the user leaves the site?

If the user leaves your site without buying the items in their cart, BikeBasket reaches out to the user in a sequence of emails designed to get them to return to their abandoned cart and buy the items.

How does the user get redirected to their shopping cart?

When the user opens up the email they will see a link to return to their cart. When they click on it, BikeBasket will send them to their cart, regardless of what device or browser they used to fill the cart.

Wait, What? Does BikeBasket work on multiple devices

Yep! If the user visits your site initially on a mobile device, and later opens the cart abandonment email on a different device and then clicks the "return to my items", BikeBasket builds their cart again for the user so they can purchase the items they left behind.

Do you recommend Shops Use Discounts to grow Sales?

We recommend that if you decide to use a promocode, that you share it with your audience in the second and third emails as you might get a conversion on the first email without a coupon code.

What is included in the Setup Fee

The initial Setup Fee includes:

  • The standard design of the 3 email sequence
  • The creation of a coupon code in the back end of your website (If desired).
  • Code Installation on your website.
  • 1 round of test emails delivered to your email address on file.