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Why work with Bike Shop SEO

  • Our clients saw their revenues grow 35% last year while working with us.
  • We are a team of Enterprise level SEO, professionally trained journalists, content marketeres, designers, and developers who have decades of bike industry experience.
  • Our sole focus is helping bike shops across North America make more money.

Client Testimonial

I can't say enough how much Noah and his team have done to improve my business.

I'm increasing the amount of business I do with him in the coming year because I'm seeing a great return on my investment.

-Matt Howard, Owner of The Bike Shoppe, Ogden, Utah

Online Marketing Services We Offer Bike Shops

Our Most Popular Digital Marketing Services

Bike Shop SEO


  • Ecommerce SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Reputation Management

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Bike Shop PPC Campaigns


  • Google Shopping Campaigns
  • Campaign Strategy, Setup + Optimization
  • Feed Optimization

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Bike Shop Email Marketing

Email Marketing

  • Automated Campaigns
  • List Growth + Management
  • Email Marketing Strategy, Design + Implementation

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Bike Shop Social Mediam Marketing and Management

Social Media Marketing

  • Google Plus + Google Posts
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

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Bike Shop Automation

Bike Shop Workflow Automation

  • Customer to Email List / Review List Automations
  • Service + Fit Departemnt Scheduling Automations

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Bike Shop Reporting

Bike Ecommerce Reporting

  • Google Data Studio Powered
  • Website, ecommerce + SEO KPIs
  • PPC KPIs
  • Email Marketing KPIS

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Bike Shop Digital Marketing Services Details

Bike Shop SEO helps bike shops make more money by focusing on a simple formula:

Revenue = Traffic X Conversion Rate X Average Order Value

We grow revenues by increasing traffic (or the number of people who visit your website or stores), the conversion rate (or the percentage of people who buy from you), and the average order value. This iterative process drives large gains when consistently implemented over time.

Let's look at how the different services work together.


The vast majority of our services focus on building traffic to your website and your physical store locations to give you as many opportunities as possible to sell more bikes, bike parts, bike accessories, and other high margin items like bike repairs and custom bike fits.

We design, build and implement highly performing Google Shopping campaigns to drive users who are ready to buy to your website.

We also leverage social media and email marketing to drive targeted traffic from people who already know like and trust you to your website and store to buy the bike products that feed their cycling passions.

Bike Shop SEO Services

We help bike shops with comprehensive SEO services that help bike shops rank better for the search queries that drive traffic and revenues.

The List of SEO services we provide include:

  • Ecommerce SEO: Our real Strength is helping your bike shop stand out from the 1100 other United States Bike Shops that all use the same ecommerce platform. We build best in class landing pages, catalog pages, and product pages to help you rank locally and nationally for your key brands and models that have a big impact on your bottom line.
  • Content Marketing: We build website content that helps your current and future customers solve problems that will in thr process help drive traffic to your site, and cash in your tills! We focus on building landing pages and long form content that will improve rankings for categories of bike gear as well as individual products that are key to your success.
  • Technical SEO: we identify and fix any technical issue that are impacting traffic, rankings, indexation by search engines. This includes:
    • HTML Optimization: We optimize the structure and content found on your site to deliver an optimal user experience for your customers and search engines. We focus on delivering fast efficient websites that convert!
    • Internal Linking: We help your users and search engines find their way around your site so thay can complete their intended tasks as easily as possible.
    • Structured Data: as Google and other search engines have become significantly more sophisticated in how they parse meaning on websites they have come to rely on code that is hidden from users calles Structured Data to feed a number search features like Voice search on Personal Assistants like Google Home, and Amazon Alexa as well as featured snippets, the Local Pack, and the One pack that exists on the right hand of search results.
  • Local SEO: we identify and fix issues to help you rank locally for search queries that would directly impact traffic to your store and website. These types of queries include "Bike Shop near me, Bike Repairs near Me," or other queries that have buying intent that will drive traffic to your store within the next 72 hours. Tasks include optimization of your citations (or mentions of your business online) in order to inform search engines about how you fit into the local cycling lanscape. This foundational service is key to your success.
  • Reputation Management: We help bike shops improve the quality and quantity of their online reviews with a powerful automated solution. The beauty of this inexpensive solution is that is provides the dual benefit of helping you convert at a higher rate, and rank higher for queries related to your reviews.
  • SEO Audits: we perform a technical audit of your website, and an audit of the offsite factors that are impacting your rankings in order to develop and implement a SEO strategy.
  • Forensic SEO: We help shops that have seen rankings drops recover from penalties or other problems that might be hard to identify relating to any business changes involving your shop's Name, Address, Phone Number , or website address.

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Bike Shop Pay per click (PPC) Services

  • We build Google Shopping campaigns that convert.

    Our Return on adspend (ROAS) for all accounts we manage from October 1, 2017 to now has been a robust 17+ to 1.

  • Feed Optimations: We optimize the product feed coming out of your ecommerce platform using our advanced toolkit for higher click through rates, and more profitable conversions. We'll find and fix technical issues as well as enrich it to get more clicks in a crowded market.
  • Remarketing: We help you connect with folks who've been to your site before and other custom audiences in order to get as many warm leads into your sales pipeline as possible.

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Bike Shop Email Marketing Services

We build fantastic emaili marketing campaigns that your audience will want to open, read, and click on through to your website allowing you to reengage with the users who have opted into your email list.

Email Marketing Services Include:

  • Automated Campaigns: We build automated or drip email campaigns that are triggered by events like a person signing up for your email list in order to get them into your sales funnel.
  • Promotional + Sales Campaigns: We can either partner with you or work independently to create the strategy, and build the emails to help you grow revenues.
  • List Growth: we'll integrate email newsletter forms that users won't hate and more importantly will be stoked to sign up for.
  • List Maintenance: It's no secret that email lists are full of bad email addresses. Poorly filled out, inaccurate or just plain spam email addresses cost you money. We use industry best tools in order to maintain and clean your list to maximize deliverability at the lowest cost available.

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Bike Shop Social Media Marketing Services

Our team of profesisonally trained journalists and Social Media managers will manage whichever social media platform you need help.

We'll help you consistently connect with your target audience as well as to teach Search Engines using a strategy called Semantic Search about your Shop to help you rank for an ever growing keyword universe.

Recommended Services Include:

  • Google Plus: We post up to 20 times per month on your Google Plus page in order to improve rankings and drive revenue. While many shop owners don't currently utilize Google Plus, this strategy is one of our favorite and highly recommended SEO hacks.
  • Google Posts: This new Google product which is powed by your Google My Business account is a powerful way to connect with your users and improve rankings
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: We will post to these platforms up to 80 times a month in order to grow your audience and drive traffic to your website and bicycle store. We also build an manage ad campaigns on these platforms in order to grow your audience and increased conversions at as low a cost as possible.

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Bike Shop Workflow Automation Services

Bike Shops have intersting data challenges and little time to solve them

These services include:

  • Bike Rental, Bike Repair & Custom Fit Scheduling Tools: We'll build a scheduling solution that works for your shop's specific needs based on tools you already use or want to integrate. These automations typically work with a custom Google calendar in order to let your service and fit teams manage their busy schedules.
  • Customer to Email / Review Management Automations: Bike Shop Owners know they need more reviews and they know they need to email their customers. These automations will help you bridge the gap between knowing it's important to consistently getting it done.

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Bike Shop Reporting Services

We provide detailed reporting via Google Data Studio that will help you see how your website is performing in real time. You'll know what your busiest product pages and categories are. You'll know about what content is performing well in search, and you'll have detailed reporting about the performance of your PPC campaigns and your email marketing campaigns

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Conversion Rate Optimization

In addition to or sometimes as a part of the above services we work to improve conversion rates by working to reduce friction that users face on their journey to purchase on your website.

Typical Services include:

  • User Experience
  • Trust signals implementation: we build into your website items that will help users shop with confidence. This might include guarantee, warranty, shipping details, awards, and review details.
  • Content improvement: We find opportunities to improve conversions on pages that might be getting lots of visits, and good rankings, but little conversions. This iterative process performed at scale equals revenue growth!

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The 2018 Bike Shop Marketing Challenge

You've got a bike shop that is doing a lot of things well. You've got fantastic staff, great product lines, and you're really careful with expenses.

And yet your business isn't growing quite the way you'd want it to. Sigh.

20 Years ago all one needed was a storefront, some business cards, a Yellowbook ad, some print ads, direct mail pieces, and maybe some radio or tv ads mixed in to cover the bases.

Those days are gone.

Your Bike Shop will see Revenue Growth

Being a successful bike retailer in 2018 starts online.

Over 84% of consumers will use the web as part of their path to purchase. And since the lifetime customer value of each new customer is over $12,000 you need to dominate your local market online to get new customers in the door.

Meeting your customers where they spend their time means engaging with them online during all parts of their buying journey, whether it is learning about bike categories, reading online reviews, researching pricing, or our favorite and final step, making the purchase.

We've been marketing bike shops for 20 years all over North America.

We've worked with single location owner operated shops all the way up to bike chains that have over 10 locations.

Each shop had specific barriers that were holding them back from growing, and we helped them break through to greater revenues with custom tailored solutions.

Below are some of the activities that we've endeavored on behalf of our clients.

Challenges we've helped shops overcome

Ruined Search rankings due to:

  • Moving a website to a new platform
  • Moving the shop to a new location
  • Closing a location
  • New ownership
Bike Shop E-Commerce
  • E-Commerce website optimization and customization
  • User Experience
  • Conversion optimization
  • Technical Issue Mitigation
  • Website Indexation + Pagination Solutions
  • Website structure and navigation optimization
  • Content audits and creation
  • Landing page creation / optimization
  • Grow sales of important items / categories
  • Catalog maintenance

Things we do to move the needle

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • SEO Audits
  • Keyword research
  • Local SEO
  • Online Review Management
  • Bike Shop Scheduling Tools
  • Bike Shop customer automation
  • Citation management
  • Technical SEO
  • Link building
  • Unique power pages
Online marketing
  • Responsive email newsletter campaigns
  • Adwords & Facebook campaigns optimization
  • Graphics for banners, emails newsletters and social media posts
  • Google Merchant Center feed optimization
  • Custom website content

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