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Bike Shop Abandoned Cart Recovery Tool Guide

Cart Abandonment Recovery for Bike Shop Websites Guide

This article is about making your bike shop website more money.

We'll be discussing cart abandonment recovery tools as a strategy to routinely grow revenues by 10% in a really easy way.

Before we look at different options that you can choose from, it makes a lot of sense to explore the technology so you know what it is, does, and what the main benefits of the technology are.

What is Shopping Cart Abandonment?

Shopping cart abandonment is when a user adds items to a website's shopping cart and then leaves the website without buying the items in their cart. This is a hugely important segment of website users because more than 70% of users who add items to their cart do not make a purchase.

What is a Shopping Cart Abandonment Recovery Tool?

A shopping cart recovery tool tracks users that leave your website without purchasing the items in their shopping cart. The tool activates when users add items to their shopping cart and give their email address somewhere on the site. The cart recovery tool reaches out to the visitor after they leave the website, either by email, push notification, or text (SMS), to get the user to return to the website and purchase the items they left behind.

Any bike shop that cares about Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), knows that installing a cart recovery tool is a great move to repair a leaky sales funnel.

TL;DR What is the biggest benefit of using a Shopping Cart Recovery Tool?

Your website will make more money (generally around 10%) in a turnkey, low friction way that users have become accustomed to. Installing a cart recovery tool is a conversion rate optimization best practice that delivers.

Why Should I install a Shopping Cart Abandonment Tool on my website?

The answers to this question are compelling.

  • Website visitors abandon their shopping carts more than 70% of the time. This means you have a huge pool of people that are visiting your website, intending to buy, and then leaving your site with an unfulfilled mission, only to go somewhere else to buy. They are the warmest leads and are the most likely to buy from you.
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment Tools Convert. We see typical shopping cart abandonment recovery campaigns with a 4% conversion rate. This is huge!

    if you are already converting 30% of the users who add items to their cart, and you get back 4% of the 70% who abandon, you increase conversions to 32.8% - a 9% increase in conversions – and, of course – a big increase in revenue.

    Create a high performing campaign through iterations and a/b testing and you can grow your conversion rate even more.
  • Shopping cart recovery tools are typically easy to implement. Most platforms such as Shopify, Woocommerce, and Lightspeed eCom, have plugins that you can buy and easily install on your site. We install BikeBasket for our clients to save you the headache.
  • Shopping cart abandonment recovery services are amazing marketing automations that work for you 24/7. Once you set up your campaigns, you won't have to do anything else while the tool systematically contacts users with offers to return to your website.
  • These cart abandonment recovery tools have high open rates, high click through rates (CTR) and low unsubscribe rates. We see open rates in BikeBasket as high as 43%, with click through rates as high as 14% over the life of the account, and a low number of email unsubscribes &emdash; less than 4%. These numbers tell us that users engage with the marketing content significantly more than with typical email marketing and have become accustomed to this form of marketing.

What are the best shopping cart abandonment tools for my plaftorm?

Here are the tools available for the most popular bike shop ecommerce platforms:

Works on all Platforms Shopify WooCommerce Lightspeed eCom

Ecommerce platform agnostic Cart Recovery Tools

BikeBasket™ is the only tool available that works for all major bike shop ecommerce platforms.

Our focus is on building high converting cart recovery campaigns in a turnkey fashion so you can focus on running your bike shop.

BikeBasket Features

  • 3 email sequence that increases urgency over time.
  • Works across devices and browsers. This means that if a user adds items to their cart on a mobile device and then opens their cart recovery email on a different device or browser, when they click the email link to return to their shopping cart, they will be redirected to their cart of items they had initially created.
  • Turnkey: Bike Shop SEO will install and set up install and setup everything you need to get the cart recovery tool setup and running on your website.
  • BikeBasket costs $69 / month and we offer 1 month free so that you'll see an immediate return before paying for the service.
  • Comprehensive weekly reporting that provides insights into cart abandonments, email opens, click throughs to your cart, and – most importantly – recovered revenue.
  • The feature list is growing and will include browse abandonment (sending users emails about items they viewed, but didn't add to their cart), and send my cart functionality (the ability to send a shopping cart to the user who has not already given their email address) soon that will enable your shop to market to users who haven't already shared their email address with you. These two features will significantly help increase conversion rates.

I want 10% more revenue on my website

Shopify Cart Abandonment Recovery Tools

Shopify is a killer ecommerce website alternative for bike shop websites and has a number of Free cart abandonment recovery tools available.

Care Cart Shopify cart abandonment recovery tool app

Care Cart is a great, highly rated, and FREE Shopify app for recovering abandoned carts.

Benefits Include:

  • This tool is Free
  • Email Collector: Force anonymous users to provide their email first before adding product to carts.
  • Great dashboard reporting
  • Beautiful responsive emails that work on all devices
  • Customizable delivery times Shopify cart abandonment recovery tool app is a FREE Shopify app that offers the following:

  • 3 Emails per Client for Free
  • Easy Installation - The app claims to have a One Click Install
  • Strong Reporting for a free tool

Other choices for Shopify include Consistent Cart and handling this manually (which makes our inner souls cringe).

WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery Tools

WooCommerce, which bills itself as "The eCommerce platform for WordPress" is a massive ecommerce platform. It has been downloaded over 39 million times and is installed on over 2.9 million WordPress websites that offer ecommerce. As such it makes a lot of sense to look at the cart abandonment tools available for WooCommerce.

Cart abandonment recovery choices include Follow-Ups which costs $99 and comes with a year of updates and support (developed by the WooCommerce team) and the free Abandoned Cart Lite which is a basic tool which also comes in a much more powerful version called the Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce which costs $119 per site and comes with a year license.

The pro version is cool because it also offers facebook messages and text reminders to the mix.

Follow-Ups Abandoned Cart Recovery Tool Features

Follow-ups is a robust tool with simplicity and power at your fingertips. If you want to create complex drip campaigns powered by lots of different triggers, and you use WooCommerce

  • You can email and even tweet to your potential customers.
  • Free and customizable email templates that come with a wide variety of variable (100s of tags) that allow you to personalize the email templates.
  • Robust reporting
  • Ability to create and manaage multiple email lists.
  • Personalized coupons
  • Link tracking via UTM parameters

Lightspeed eCom Cart Abandonment Recovery Tools

Lightspeed powers a huge percentage of Bike Shop Point of Sales systems(POS), and have become a more popular website choice for shops because of the lower cost.

MyAbandonedCart is the only Cart recovery tool that we found in the Lightspeed eCom App store. It is reasonably priced at just $12.50 / month.

MyabandonedCart Features include:

  • Easy To Install
  • Unlimited Emails sent out with up to three reminder emails per language.
  • Great Reporting
  • Helpful Documentation

What is the best shopping cart abandonment recovery campaign strategy?

The answer is ... it depends. Here's a great place to start though. We typically recommend a three part delivery sequence (spaced out over a week) that creates urgency, while being very helpful to the user. Let's look at the key insights and recommended strategies for each of the 3 emails in detail so that you can increase your website's conversions.

Email 1: Help the user return to their forgotten shopping cart

This email is delivered 20 - 45 minutes after the user abandons their cart.

The subject line and email copy focuses on being helpful and supportive.

Copy that reads like, "We've got your back," is converting well right now.

1. Place a prominent Call to Action (CTA) that is above the fold

Use a prominent call to action, or button, that helps users go back to their cart. The more prominent the better as it is more likely to get clicked.

2. Show the user their item(s) they left behind

list of itemsleft in cart

A surprising number of users have simply forgotten the items in their shopping cart, and appreciate being reminded of what they left behind.

Include the product name(s), price(s), image(s), and links back to the product(s) on your website

3. Give the user multiple ways to reach out for help

Include your phone and email in the email so that they can reach out if they can't buy on your website. This helps the user in the unlikely event that there is a website glitch that impedes the user's ability to complete the checkout process.

4. Include Trust Signals in the email body

Users don't buy due to extra costs that they find on websites. Think taxes, shipping fees and or shipping delays.

Your secret weapon is to show the user your unique selling proposition (USP) in the email body so that they will trust, like, and want to do business with you.

We like to include links to customer testimonials, satisfaction guarantees, and information about free shipping if applicable. See an example below.

list of itemsleft in cart

Email 2: Build Urgency and Offer a discount

This email is delivered 24 hours after the user abandons their cart.

Email 1 has already done a lot of lifting and has already converted a lot of our users. Now we need to turn up the heat to convert ones that we missed in the first email.

Pro tip: offer a prominent coupon code in the range of 10 - 15% off

Here's an example from on of our client campaigns that performs well.

prominent coupon code

Pro Insights: We've found that by offering 10% off of full priced items only, we have achieved healthy conversion rates while still protecting profit margins. We recommend this as a starting place.

Mention the word coupon in your email's subject line

We have found this increases click throughs into your email and are more likely to get the user to convert.

Increase the Sense of Urgency with your email's copy.

Common tactics and messaging include:

  • Inventory is shrinking and is almost gone.
  • Prices are going up!
  • We can only save your cart for a little while longer!
  • The coupon code is avalable for a limited time

Email 3: Turn the Urgency up to 11

This email is delivered 7 days after the user abandons their cart.

The message you want to send your website visitor with the last email in the sequence is, "This is it! This is your last chance!"

It is smart to include this in this email's subject line (along with the coupon reminder) to get people to open your email.

Optional: increase your coupon percentage

We don't typically do this, but it is certainly a possibility and will drive conversions. Be smart about it and don't give too big a discount that eats too much of your profit margin.

Frequently asked Questions

When do Users typically convert in a cart abandonment campaign?

In this three email campaign we've run for one of our clients, you can see that conversion is highest in the first email (almost twice as high as the second email). We love that most of our conversions happen in the first email (before we've offered the discount) and not at a discount that eats into profit margins.

You can also see that opens and clicks trail off over time.

email converion analytics data

email converion analytics data

email converion analytics data

Do I need to offer a coupon to get people to return to my website?

Don't offer discounts in the first email because most of your conversions will happen on the first email.

We have found through testing, that the right time to offer a coupon for a discount (in the 10-15% Off range) is the second or third email in your marketing automation.

Now What?

Now that you've learned about the different tools, strategies and reasons to implement the tools, there is only one thing for you to do:

Implement a cart abandonment recovery tool and watch as your website grows revenues 10%

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