Bike Shop Websites

Your bike shop's online presence can make or break your business efforts to achieve massive revenue growth.

Bike Shop Web Design and Web Develeopment

Bike Shop SEO builds cycling websites, that are powered by ecommerce platforms including SmartEtailing ™, Shopify, Lightspeed E-Com, Woocommerce and more, to sell online and drive customers to your brick and mortar bicycle store.

Bike Shop Website Packages

Starter Build

$1,000 and up

What's Included?

  • A Custom Responsive website that works on all devices.
  • A well merchandised catalog.
  • A Custom Store page for each of your bike shop locations.
  • A Custom Bike Repairs Page.
  • Scheduling widgets for Repairs, rentals and fits.
  • A Testimonials Page.

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The Big Launch

$6,000 and up

What's Included?

  • All Starter + Growth Build Features.
  • Custom navigation system based on search term volume.
  • Expanded Brand Pages for an additional 2 brands.
  • Custom Meta for the Top 50 collection pages.
  • 2 free months of Forklift to kickstart eCommerce.

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Cycling Website Package Features in detail

What is a reponsive website? A responsive website is a website that is designed to work and display content well on all devices including mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

What is a well merchandised bike shop catalog? This question reminds us of why we prefer to build on SmartEtailing. Their amazing content team has already done a lot of the heavy lifting by providing over 75,000 products for us to import into your bike shop's website.

Expanded Brand Pages refer to unique content silos (up to 20 pages of content) that show information on all of the categories represented by your key brand(s). There is a parent brand page that links to sub category pages for each of the subcategories that the brand contains. We customize all of the pages to make them unique.

Custom Store Landing Pages are a key differentiator between your site and your competition's websites. They allow you to target your market(s) allowing you to compete for Local searches and to help your users know like and trust you enough to buy from you.

Scheduling Widgets are key part of the build becuase we've found that they are a key driver to you getting new cyclists into your bike store.

Testimonials pages are an important way to tell your potential customers what they can expect when they do business with you.

Custom Meta Tags are what potential users see when they find you in the search results. This allows us to get more traffic by building your presence in search that speaks directly to your customers and their needs. This attention to the customer's needs will set you apart and make you money.

Custom Navigation System is a huge competitive advantage because most bike shops online are powered by an identical catalog structure. By making yours unique, and aligning with how users actually search for cycling products, you'll have a huge leg up over the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Okay, you build websites, what else do you do?

The List of Bike Website services we provide include:

  • Bike Shop Website Optimization: We optimize pre-existing and underperforming bike websites so that you'll get more traffic, convert more often and make more money.
  • User Experience / Conversion Rate Optimization: We'll improve your website's look and feel, and sales funnels in ways that will get your website's visitors to know, like and trust you and spend more money more often with you.

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