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Google Analytics Setup

Get your Bike Shop Website Set Up for Success with Enhanced Ecommerce Data

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The Opportunity

The ecommerce tracking that comes with a some bike shop websites is the standard ecommerce tracking. While helpful, it only gives you a piece of what you need to drive sales.

Knowing what products are being viewed, which products are being added to cart, and what is happening during the checkout flow is critical to making good marketing and business decisions. We built our solution because the data is conspicously missing from some of the largest and most popular bike shop ecommerce platforms.

Our Analytics Solution

Bike Shop SEO will implement a two pronged solution that will give you new meaningful insights into your website's ecommerce performance:

  • Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking on Your Website
  • Enhanced Ecommerce Settings inside your Google Analytics Account

Here's what you'll see

Enhanced Ecommerce Checkout Behavior.

Google analytics Checkout Behavior

Enhanced Ecommerce Shopping Behavior

Google Analytics Shopping Behavior

Enhanced Ecommerce Product Performance

Google Analytics Product Performance

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Google Analytics Setup Pricing

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More detail

Why is this Google Analytics Setup Important?

Getting clean actionable data that properly attributes your revenue to the proper marketing channel is the foundation upon which all your digital marketing decisions should be based.

Isn't the standard analytics setup on my site enough?

Unfortunately not. The standard recommended setup only gived you standard ecommerce data that is included in the Conversions > Ecommerce > Overview Tab. This data includes Revenue, Ecommerce Conversion Rate, Transactions, and Average Order Value.

How is the data that I get from your setup going to help me sell more online and in store?

One way that it will help you is the Product Performance Report. By looking at which products are viewed, added to the cart and then bought you'll have new information for which products are both popular and ripe for optimization. If you see that a specific product is getting added to the cart a lot and NOT purchased, then this information can help you target fixes in order to grow conversions.

Can Bike Shop SEO give me insight into the data?

Yep! If you'd like, we'd be happy to set up a follow up appointment with you 30 days after your code is implemented in order to go over insights and areas of focus.

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