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  • Our clients saw their revenues grow 35% last year while working with us.
  • We are a team of Enterprise level SEO, professionally trained journalists, content marketeres, designers, and developers who have decades of bike industry experience.
  • Our sole focus is helping bike shops across North America make more money.

Bike Shop SEO Guide

Bike Shop SEO Guide

Learn the insanely practical things to focus on to improve your Bike Shop's Rankings. Get more traffic online and in store and make more money.

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We help bike shops with comprehensive SEO services including:

Bike Shop Ecommerce SEO

Our real strength is helping your bike shop grow revenues online and in store while standing out from the 1100 other United States bike shops that all use the same ecommerce platform. We build best in class:

  • Landing pages or pages designed to attract organic search traffic and paid search traffic
  • Catalog pages or category pages designed to attract traffic around categories or brands
  • Product pages to help you rank locally and nationally for your key brands and models that have a big impact on your bottom line.

Technical SEO

We identify and fix any technical issue that are impacting traffic, rankings, indexation by search engines. This includes:

  • HTML Optimization: We optimize the structure and content found on your site to deliver an optimal user experience for your customers and search engines. We focus on delivering fast efficient websites that convert!
  • Internal Linking: We help your users and search engines find their way around your site so thay can complete their intended tasks as easily as possible.
  • Structured Data: as Google and other search engines have become significantly more sophisticated in how they parse meaning on websites they have come to rely on code that is hidden from users calles Structured Data to feed a number search features like Voice search on Personal Assistants like Google Home, and Amazon Alexa as well as featured snippets, the Local Pack, and the One pack that exists on the right hand of search results.

Client Testimonials

I can't say enough how much Noah and his team have done to improve my business.

I'm increasing the amount of business I do with him in the coming year because I'm seeing a great return on my investment.

Matt Howard, Owner of The Bike Shoppe, Ogden, Utah

One of the smartest things we've done to grow our business was to start working with Noah and Bike Shop SEO.

We have seen great growth in our reach online and a much greater return on our online marketing investments.

Matthew Donovan, Owner of Dedham Bike, Dedham, MA

Local SEO

We identify and fix issues to help you rank locally for search queries that would directly impact traffic to your store and website. These types of queries include "Bike Shop near me, Bike Repairs near Me," or other queries that have buying intent that will drive traffic to your store within the next 72 hours.

Tasks include optimization of your citations (or mentions of your business online) in order to inform search engines about how you fit into the local cycling landscape. This foundational service is key to your success.

SEO Audits

We perform a technical audit of your website, and an audit of the offsite factors that are impacting your rankings in order to develop and implement a SEO strategy.

Forensic SEO

We help shops that have seen rankings drops recover from penalties or other problems that might be hard to identify relating to any business changes involving your shop's Name, Address, Phone Number , or website address.

Content Marketing for Bike Shops

We build website content that helps your current and future customers solve problems that will in thr process help drive traffic to your site, and cash in your tills! We focus on building landing pages and long form content that will improve rankings for categories of bike gear as well as individual products that are key to your success.

Reputation Management

We help bike shops improve the quality and quantity of their online reviews with a powerful automated solution. The beauty of this inexpensive solution is that is provides the dual benefit of helping you convert at a higher rate, and rank higher for queries related to your reviews.

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