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SoftTail Out of Stock Item Fixer

An eCommmerce Tool to Improve Out of Stock Item Pages

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Out of Stock pages are costing you money in a number of ways

Bad User Experience

According to The Global Out of stock Crisis by GT Nexus when users find an out of stock item page, they leave your site 65% of the time to buy it somewhere else.

Poor SEO execution.

Search engines have a limited number of pages that they crawl on your site every day. When they encounter a product detail page with an out of stock item, creating a soft 404 error, your crawl budget is reduced.

Less crawl budget = Less of your items getting indexed = Fewer opportunities to sell products = Major Bummer.

SoftTail is our Out of Stock Item Solution

SoftTail turns:

out of stock item page

Into This:

An out of stock item page with Useful Alternatives

SoftTail Setup Pricing

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More detail

SoftTail looks cool, but how does it actually work?

It is a small piece of Javascript code that lives on your site. When the user or search engine goes to a page with an out of stock item, SoftTail searches in your store's catalog for similar items, and presents the first six search results to the user, with a link to see the full search results.

So does Softail get rid of the Soft 404 Errors?

After installing SoftTail on your site, when Google goes to visit these pages, they will no longer interpret them as soft 404's and these pages will no longer be seen as errors that hurt your site's SEO.

What ecommerce platforms have you tested it on?

We've tested that it works on the SmartEtailing™ platform.

How do I get Google to validate the fixed errors after installing SoftTail?

Check out how to validate your fixes in this helpful Google's Support article.

What Happens after I purchase SoftTail?

You'll be directed to our onboarding page where you'll download the codeblock that works on your site, and copy and paste it into your website.

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