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Introducing Forklift™
Move More Product with Less Hassles

Forklift expertly generates, fixes, and optimizes your bike shop catalog feed so you can compete in ways that weren't scalable before on a SmartEtailng™ Bike Shop Website.

The Problems

We see between 8% and 10% of the products in the typical Google Products Feed being disapproved due to a variety of data quality issues. Fixing these issues is the kind of Low Hanging Fruit we love at Bike Shop SEO.

Currently you have to manually regenerate the feed every day inside SmartEtailing™, manually clean the data in a custom tool, and finally optimize it with an expensive 3rd party service.

Doing it right can be expensive and time consuming.

Doing it wrong can cost your business thousands in lost revenue.

The Forklift Solution

Forklift allows you to spend your time on strategy and other parts of your business and stop wasting your time doing the frustrating busy work necessary to succeed.

Forklift removes the constraints (having to manually generate your feed every day, and be a catalog feed expert to manage & optimize your feed) that make running daily + weekly sales time consuming and error prone.

You will set your pricing in your POS and Forklift will take care of the rest by pushing clean data all the way through to Google Merchant Center, allowing you to use your POS as your one True North.

Available Forklift Packages

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$129 per month

$75 One time Set Up Fee

Benefits Include:

  • Weekly Feed Generation
  • Weekly Feed Validation
  • Error Monitoring + quick repairs driven by Google Merchant Center's API
  • Price driven custom labels
  • Email Customer Support available M-F 9-5MST.


$99 per month

$75 One time Set Up Fee

Benefits Include:

  • Monthly Feed Generation
  • Monthly Feed Validation
  • Error Monitoring via Google Merchant Center’s API, with quick correction of any errors
  • Price driven custom labels
  • Email Customer Support available M-F 9-5MST.

This Service is part of our Monthly PPC and Bike Marketing Services.

Service Components

Here's more information about what's included with each Service.

Feed Generation

We'll log into the back end of your website and regenerate the product feed that gets sent to Google Merchant Center. You will have accurate price and inventory levels on your website. This means that your online shopping campaigns will run much more efficiently, giving you greater profit, less wasted ad spend, and higher user satisfaction. This is a big win win.

Feed Validation

After years of manually inspecting and repairing SmartEtailing™ feeds, we have an intimate understanding of how they are set up and more importantly, why they fail.

We have checks in place to test all the fields in your feed for accuracy, so that we can send the most accurate data possible to Google Merchant Center, minimizing product feed disapprovals.

And we take it further.

Feed Optimaztion

We also optimize how your feed is setup, by editing the individual fields so that your products show in as many searches as possible, at the lowest cost per click, while attaining high click through rates which will in turn grow your revenues.

Error Monitoring + Mitigation

We leverage the power of the Google Merchant Center API to get notified any time there are any issues with your feed and more importantly we proactively fix the problem as part of the service at no extra cost to you.

No More Needless Lost Revenue.

Price Driven Custom Labels

We'll help you segment the products in your feed by product type, google product type, brand, and by price, with the use of our custom price labels. These labels allow you to target different price ranges for each brand, SmartEtailing™ product type, and google product type, in order to fine-tune your bids, improving your ROI significantly.

Customer Support

We offer two levels of customer support with Forklift:

  • Phone Support: comes with the Daily Package. Our team is available from 9-5 MST Monday to Friday.
  • Email Support: comes with the Weekly and Monthly Packages. Our team is available from 9-5 MST Monday to Friday with a target of responding within 1 hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do it myself?

If you want to have clean data going in to Merchant Center every day, it would take 20 minutes per day or 10 hours / month of effort to regenerate the feed, manually clean it in a spreadsheet or optimization tool that will cost around $100 / month to run. If you add up the labor time plus the 3rd party optimization tool's subscription, the daily package looks like a no-brainer when you add our optimization expertise to the mix.

What types of revenue growth have your clients seen while using this tool?

While running creative weekly sales online might sound daunting, once you get in the process, you should expect double and even triple digit growth as you'll be able to nimbly compete in ways that were hitherto not possible on the SmartEtailing™ platform without a dedicated team of digital marketers and catalog technicians.

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