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Part 1: The Testimonials Widget

Lives on your Store Location Page.

Full Review Widget

Full Reviews Widget Benefits

Gets your individual Listen360 Reviews Online.

Gets your Review Stars in Search Results.

Has a configurable # of Reviews per Page.

Paginated for Improved User Experience.

Users can Upload new Reviews to Google.

Your website will get more clicks from Search.

Looks Great on All Screen Sizes.

Part 2: The Summary Widget

Lives on all your key service pages.

Summary Reviews Widget Benefits

This widget grows trust + business for your key services.

This widget links to your other Testimonials widget.

This widget gets your Individual Service Pages to show Reviews stars in Search Results.

Summary Review Widget

Reviews Pricing

one time Setup fee.
We'll install the widget on up to 5 pages at no additional charge.
per month / location

Volume Pricing

1-3 Locations $19 / location / month
4-10 Locations $18 / location / month
11-24 Locations $17 / location / month
25-100 Locations $16 / location / month
101-1000 Locations $15 / location / month

White Glove Installation

Need a hand? We'll install these review widgets on your key service pages and reviews pages.

Installation Pricing

(based on number of pages)
Up to 5 Pages - $0
6 to 10 Pages - $100
11 - 20 Pages - $200
21-40 Pages - $400
41-60 Pages - $600
61 + Pages - $800

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More detail

Is this Review Widget only for Listen360 Subscribers

Yes, this product is built just for Listen360 Subscribers.

How does this work with Trek Dealers and other retailers on Ascend who also are Listen360 Subscribers?

This widget allows you to take your Listen360 / Ascend integration to the next level. Your reviews will now live on your own website (and not just on the Listen 360 Website) which will help your website rank better and you'll get more business.

Who installs the code on my site?

We implement the code installation for you as part of our standard setup, and we'll also email you the code to you after you onboard as a client. So that you'll have it on file.

What Data does the review widget Share with Search Engines?

Our tool provides valid structured data to search engines that shares aggregate review data, your business name, business address, and individual review data.

Do the widgets work on all devices?

Yep! Both the Summary Widget and the Full Reviews Widget are responsive, which means that they will look good on all devices.

It's built for SEO + Performance

Details your web developer or SEO will love.

It incorporates JSON-LD Structured data (the data that search engines parse to pull out review data) for local business, into the code.

It loads 'Async" and super fast which means it won't block any other elements from loading.

It is built with pure vanilla javascript.

It has no dependencies like jQuery or other javascript libraries.

The entire package is less than 20kb size.

The widgets are supported back to Internet Explorer 8.

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