NoDrop is my vision for helping bike shops collaborate to win in small focused groups

The backstory

Each year Trek invites the best Trek bike dealers in the world to Madison, Wisconsin for three days of education and camaraderie. Trek's goal is clear: they want to help their dealer network run better businesses.

I was lucky to attend this year and came home with a number of takeaways, but the biggest one for me was this:

Bike shop dealers are hungry to collaborate and learn from each other.

I sat with a bunch of dealers from all over the country. We chatted about industry trends, ecommerce, electric bikes, people challenges and more.

It started when I asked a bike dealer sitting next to me a simple question, "What keeps you up at night?"

That question sparked a conversation that grew into a full blown 10 person group by the end of the night.

I could tell that THIS was what brought them here to Madison.

They all faced different challenges, including finding the right employees, high rents, succession plans, fear of competition (not just the other dealers in their market, but also any of the other ways that someone could spend their discretionary income).

They shared a keen interest in learning what others were doing that was working, and what wasn't working in store to drive growth.

I listened intently and then shared with them about the digital marketing agency group that I take part in.

We meet once a month for an hour on a Google Hangout. We each have a goal that we want to be held accountable for our business and our personal life. The goals range from revenue growth to meditating 5x a week.

I then asked our burgeoning group if something like that would help their business. The answer was a resounding yes.

I then offered to help them set up the group. I offered to teach them how to set up the technology and manage the format.

Here's how NoDrop works:

  • Each group will contain 8 dealers of various sizes. That way dealers can learn from dealers who might be a few steps ahead and share with dealers who might be a few steps behind.
  • Each dealer will bring two goals that they want to be held accountable for: 1 business goal and 1 personal. Life is more than just work and dealers need to take care of themselves and their health.
  • Each meeting will happen once a month and will last for an hour. Tuesday seems like the best day based on it being the slowest day of the week for most dealers.
  • Each dealer will share with the group for around 5 minutes their progress toward accomplishing the goals.
  • The remaining time in the meeting will be devoted to dealers sharing their unique challenges that they're facing each month.
  • Each group will have a leader who is comfortable sending out calendar invites.
  • Each group will have a volunteer who takes notes so that the group can chart their progress towards accomplishing their goals.
  • Each group has dealers who are not in the same market.

The benefits are massive

  • Each dealer gets connected with a group of other dealers who all want to help each other be more successful. Bike retail is hard and having a support network is critical.
  • Each dealer can learn from each other's successes and mistakes thereby shortening their learning curves.
  • Each dealer will reap financial and person success and growth as the groups will help the dealers stay on track with their goals.
  • Dealers will grow their network of industry friends.

What's Next?

Over the next few weeks I'll do the following:

  • Launch our first group of 8 dealers who will serve as our pilot group.
  • Launch the next groups on a rolling basis as we get a group of 8 at a time.

Whose with me?

If you want to be a part of this, Sign Up Here!

If you've got questions send me an email at