Adding a Temporary Alert Message below your Navigation on your SmartEtailing™️ site.

Use this tool to let users know something important that is time sensitive.

Fill out the form below, copy the output code and then paste the code to your website!

Input Fields

  • Set Background Color - since this is a warning/alert message, grab a red that compliments the other colors on the site.

    Use a color sampler tool to capture the 6-digit hex code.

    As an example, red is "#e50000".

    Note: When specifying color hex codes, always include all 6 digits, and the pound sign.)

  • Font Color - white (#ffffff) usually looks best here.
  • Font Size - this is normally 14 or 16 pixels, specified without the "px", for example, for, it would be "16".
  • Alert Message

HTML Code Config

  • Paste the generated HTML code into the text area on the Custom Tags page, labeled "Place Script Just Inside Closing Body Tag"
  • Click on Save Changes
  • Reset the Cache, via the bell icon at the top of the SE left navigation area.

    1. Congrats you're Done.