IMPORTANT Google Shopping Ads Announcement

Over the last 10 days, Google has suspended all of my accounts, most SmartEtailing™ bike shop websites that I track, and it will hit y'all too.

Here's the deal:

This Google support page offers the details:

Changes your site will need to make are as follows:

  • Adding Credit card+ paypal icons to the footer (that match the forms of payment you accept)
  • Include two out of three of the following contact details: phone number, email address, physical business address on your site. A basic contact form on your site is not enough.
  • Adding clear refund, and return information (**including timelines**)to your terms and conditions page, which is conspicous so that users can easily find it.
  • The checkout process has to be hosted on Https:

A fixed footer looks like this:

Website Footer with correct Your money Your Life

If your account has been suspended

The fastest way to get it reviewed and back online is to go here and fill out the form.

This will go straight to the google shopping team and avoid the normal tiers of their support team.

We found that by implementing the fix as outlined, and by filling out the form we link to, we got our sites back advertising within 4-14 hours.

Let me know if you have any questions. I can talk you through a fix.

[email protected]

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