www.bostoncitysingers.org is live

I was contacted in September by the folks at Boston City Singers.  We determined we would be a good fit for each other and we partnered to build their new online home.

They provided clear thoughful direction and provided timely feedback to help me stay on deadline. I really appreciated that!

I thoroughly enjoyed working with them and I really appreciated the opportunity to help an outstanding organization.

The major project goal was to create a tool to help them interface with and grow their community of students and supporters.

I also enjoyed the functionalities that the site called for.  The following components all play a role:

  • HTML5 audio player tha works on Desktop and mobile devices
  • Videos that are viewable on Desktop and mobile devices
  • A desktop version of the site and a mobile version of the site for much smaller screen sizes.
  • Calendars
  • And a donation component powered by Paypal.

The site's audience is split into 2 major groups:

1. prospective singers, current singers and their families and 2. supporters, partners and collaborators. 

and so the site is architected to guide the users through different action flows. Both groups are served and are engaged in a targeted way throughout the site.

Boston City Singers Homepage

The mobile version targets handheld devices.

The staff page on the desktop version is driven by sliding panels

Staff Picture

On the mobile device it is driven by an accordion that shows more content and then hides it again when the user clicks the headline

Staff Mobile Peek

The Photogallery changes from a pretty Fancybox slideshow to a swipe enabled slideshow that is intuitive and smooth. A real treat!

Photos on Desktop

Intuitive mobile slideshow

Different experiences for different devices create more engaged and happier users which in the end help you foster better relationships with your audience.

Check Out the site: www.bostoncitysingers.org

To Learn more: Contact me

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